Why do we put people in the ground if we want them to go to heaven? Shouldn’t we put then somewhere high? Shouldn’t we have a giant pile of bodies?


When did Rumpelstiltskin open a cafe?

When did Rumpelstiltskin open a cafe?

Can we talk about how good of an actor Enver Gjokaj is?

I just found a PDF about Cardiff weather patterns on my computer and I don’t understand.

  • Mum: I just bing searched The Age website...
  • Lydia: Why would you bing search anything?
  • Bas: You guys are bullies. My whole life, you just bully me.
  • Bella: Yeah but think how strong you'll be when we send you out into the world.
  • Lydia: Wait you guys watched Die Hard 4 without me?
  • Mum: We asked you.
  • Lydia: I wasn't home!

I don’t understand punk and funk because they’re so different and yet the same.


(I might have posted about this before)

The first time I watched Buffy I made a list of things that freaked me out and now that I’m rewatching the show with Bas I keep adding things and it’s basically just doubled since I pulled it out again and wasn’t this show meant to be fun?

Just watched the trailer for Gracepoint. I fail to see why an American remake of Broadchurch was necessary , but whatever. David Tennant’s accent sounds ridiculous and I refuse to take his haircut seriously.