Excuse me, what happened to Old Woman Josie?!

I have a question about Buffy but it’s a bit spoilery so I’ll put it under a cut. Please help.

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I am watching Broadchurch for the third time. As yet I have been unable to get through the first episode without crying every time Beth does.

Last night Mum, Lydia, and I watched an Australian horror movie about crocodiles and it was a truly amazing experience.

How did Seamus get from occasionally accidentally blowing shit up with magic to fully capable of orchestrating a large and complex piece of pyrotechnics?

I feel strongly that this is a story missing from Harry Potter.

Like, did he just sort of go, ‘Fuck it, I’m gonna only do magic where the point is to blow things up. Then I can’t fail.’

And then he sort of became an expert from there.

Beth has written another comic.

  • Lydia: One of my friends said I was the coolest the other day.
  • Beth: Have they met me?

Beth found out that Lydia has a friend she has known longer than her and she’s gotten really weirdly jealous and has literally forced herself into Lydia’s arms, saying she has to do better than the other friend.

Is it weird if I describe these two as my brotp?

Is it weird if I describe these two as my brotp?